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The Jacksonville City Council's Sub-Committee on the Charter Review Commission's (which only meets every 10 years) findings met yesterday 07-09-2010 to hear public testimony on any aspects of the CRC's findings. There were about 20 people who spoke, and all but one were there to encourage the committee to implement the Jacksonville Ethics Commissions recommendations regarding inclusion of the Ethics Commission in the city's charter.


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Today's NY Times has an interesting article on the "honest-services fraud" statute: (URL may require subscription)



New South Wales, Australia Premier Nathan Rees announces plain language reforms

In an interview recently he said: "I want plain English to become an essential part of how the public sector does its business, every bit as essential as a financial impact statement."

His statement at the opening of the PLAIN Conference in Sydney October 16th included three points that he plans to implement:


This morning the Jacksonville City Council finance committee continued their deliberations on each line item of the city's budget. This morning's agenda begins with the Office of General Counsel, which includes the budget for the City's Ethics Officer.

Council members Yarborough & Joost comment that they want to ensure that the office does NOT report to the General Counsel. Mullaney states "Separated out the LEGAL function of Ethics - into a "Legal Counsel" and kept the non-...

Watch this very cool video on corruption: