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An excellent idea for a grass-roots campaign to get some control of corrupt government employees in India.

Gandhi smiles on anti-bribe scheme

Ashling O'Connor, Mumbai
The Times
10 April 2007

IN the secret language of corruption in India, an official expecting a bribe will ask for Mahatma Gandhi to "smile" at him.

The revered leader...


This is an excellent article by Tom Freidman which really highlights something that I consider to be very important in the development of any sort of effective ethics program - namely SIMPLICITY. Often it is the really simple things combined with a bright idea that bring the greatest change for the better... Tell me what you think - read it here:



We have been doing a lot of research into the scene in Iraq, and in doing so, I have formed an opinion regarding what single form of corruption has been the most significant in creating the situation there...
It is the selection of people for roles there based on political persuasion, rather than demonstrated competence in the required field. Of course other things have occurred that warrant mention, but in all cases, the sheer stupidity of some of those actions stems in most...


Colton credit card had phone-sex charges

COLTON State and local authorities are investigating hundreds of phone-sex calls and dozens of hotel bills charged to the city-issued cell phone and credit card of Councilman Ramon Hernandez.


A Classic commentary on the Judiciary - with a comic (if a little sad) demonstration from my own Australia to paint the picture (rather well I thought...)
See the full story here:

Maybe we ought to make jurists wear see-through robes. There's something about the combination of wearing a black...


I am interested in getting some feedback on this point:
In a recent incident, there was perhaps no legal issue, but there was an undeniable perception that something unethical had occurred. What are your views on the thin red line between these points (i.e. "legal" and "perceived as unethical")