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Press for Carla Miller


In this article published in the Orlando Sentinel, the "Consultant" referred to was Carla Miller, of CityEthics, in a workshop presented in the spring of 2007.


Richard Foglesong | Special To The Sentinel   (Orlando)
December 17, 2007

City staffers get ethics introduction


The entire City Council staff met Wednesday to hear an introduction to the City’s new ethics code. The group will meet again today to further discuss specific instances where the code could impact their work.

by David Ball
Staff Writer

Article published on: September 6, 2007
by Max Marbut
Staff Writer

Having an effective ethics program in any environment is all about enhancing communication.
That’s how Carla Miller, the City’s recently-appointed ethics officer, described her task at hand.

July 4, 2006
Miller's ethics advice travels well

by Bradley Parsons, Staff Writer

As an ethical adviser to politicians, Carla Miller never has to worry about staying busy.

from the June 26, 2006 edition -
At a seminar in California, municipal leaders learn how to stay on the straight and narrow in times of temptation.