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  1. Don McClintock

    ... Don attended as many events and presentations as possible at Harvard's Safra Center for Ethics .  (2013 - 215) See Carla's Bio for ... perimeter for large (fortune 100) organizations. SUMMARY Mr. McClintock offers a strong mix of technology savvy and skilled ...

    donmc - 2018-01-31 19:02

  2. Announcement: Introductory Ethical Philosophy Course Available Online and on Many PBS Stations

    ... J. Sandel's famous introduction to ethical philosophy course at Harvard University, Justice , is becoming available on video both online ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2009-09-27 09:30 - 0 comments

  3. False Presentation of an Ethics Ordinance - In Jackson County, MO, Of Course

    Every time I check up on Jackson County, MO, I find something more...

    Robert Wechsler - 2010-11-03 10:54 - 1 comment

  4. A Miscellany

    ... affair with, according to numerous articles (check out the summary on the Mod Mobilian site ). No criminal charges have been brought ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  5. Pension Board Reform in California

    ... pension funds, see the Illinois Municipal League's summary of Illiinois' 2009 Pension Ethics Reform Law , which includes ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  6. Ethics Commissions: Independence and Managing Staff

    ... from the Inspector General 24-page Executive summary and findings by the Inspector General 200-page full report of ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  7. The Carrigan Oral Argument: How to Deal with Vagueness

    ... operates, as long as its rules are not discriminatory. Of course, here the state legislature regulated how local legislatures, and ... Permalink Brilliant summary, Rob. I am passing it on to our General Counsel's office. You do a ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 5 comments

  8. COGEL Considers Certification Programs for Government Ethics Practitioners

    ... up a Freedom of Information Act practitioner certification course in the U.K., offered by the Chartered Institute for IT). With ... city and county attorneys, who might take a local or online course if it provided CLE points, but would have little interest in a ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  9. California's Contract-Oriented Conflict of Interest Provision

    ... According to the relevant section of an ethics training course on the Attorney General's website, "If a member of a multi-member body ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  10. Institutional Corruption Conference III: Cultures of Loyalty and Mutual Trust

    At the Institutional Corruption Conference sponsored by Harvard's Safra Center last Saturday, Bruce Cain, a professor at UC ... thing. In government, loyalty should be to the public. Of course, this is not loyalty as we know it, so loyalty should be suppressed as ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments