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  1. The Political Use of Ethics Complaints, and the Manipulation of the Press

    ... campaign thinks it has the goods on its opponent, so an ally files an ethics complaint. Then the campaign publicizes said complaint, and it ... ironic that the news media is both the greatest defender of government transparency, the greatest supporter of government ethics, and one ...

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  2. New web site Content Management System for CityEthics !

    ... can subscribe to and then discuss content from other sites. Collaboration. Used for managing the construction of Drupal, the ...

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  3. Why Local Party Leaders Should Be Part of a Local Ethics Program

    ... New York Times provides an excellent portrait of a government official who, although doing much good work, made it all about ... develop affordable housing in Brooklyn, Lopez secured vacant sites for the RBSCC, making it almost impossible for anyone else to ...

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  4. Advice on Advisory Opinions

    Again and again, local government officials say that there is no need for an improved ethics program in their town because no one is filing complaints. If there were ... better government ethics program. The reason is that no one files a complaint when they do not expect a fair hearing of the complaint (most ...

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  5. "Frivolity" in Kenosha, WI

    ... "Frivolous" is a word that, I believe, has no place in a government ethics program. A look at an attempt to add it to Kenosha's ethics ... the Kenosha council would make it so that a person who files an ethics complaint that "is dismissed in total" by the city’s ethics ...

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  6. Fire, Smoke, and Snowballs

    It's valuable to put government ethics in the larger context of the use of public office for private purposes ... Taibbi. Rosenfeld spent thirty years getting hold of FBI files on its surveillance of the University of California at Berkeley, ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 2 comments

  7. Whistle-Blower Protection

    ... his or her behalf, (a) reports, verbally or in writing, or files a complaint with the Ethics Commission regarding an alleged violation of ... - the people who best know what is going on in the city government - will be unlikely to come forward with reports of ethics code ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2007-02-17 09:40 - 0 comments

  8. Council Ethics Committees

    ... the city's ethics program, perhaps after the ethics board files its annual report. It could hold an annual training session. It could ... discussions send an important message to everyone in the government that they should be considering the ethical aspects of matters and ...

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  9. Lobbying Subject Disclosure

    ... and “Environmental Restoration, Formerly Used Defense Sites.” Lobbying contacts for Client “A” addressed all environmental ... the public. Robert Wechsler Director of Research, City Ethics 203-230-2548 Attachment Size ...

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  10. Draft Upload

    Just a place to upload the files from... Attachment Size ...

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