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  1. A Very Short Rant on Financial Disclosure and Ethics Self-Regulation

    ... theme in ethics self-regulation. It brings no credibility to government. Rangel too has made many "errors" in his financial disclosure ... a businessperson or professional who knows how to keep files and how to work with an accountant. If they can't even be honest about ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  2. The Effect of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Open Meetings Decision on Local Government Ethics

    ... the state's open meetings act in passing the infamous government union collective bargaining bill with only two hours' notice. This ... unanimous. The one council member who opposed the contract files a complaint with the city's ethics commission, and the council president ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  3. A Miscellany

    ... a public investigation is in line with his support of open government. 'In the continued spirit of a fair and transparent process, I am ... content rules for comments on council members' sites or blogs, and letting the public know that what they write is open ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  4. A City Where "We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent"

    ... unfortunate aspect of many laws that try to bring unethical government activities under control is that, when they do not change the city's ... ratings, the rigging of test scores, and the destruction of files (the shredding business thrives on identity theft and ethics laws). And, ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  5. A Controversial Indianapolis Board Appointment: Perception and the Dilemma Between Competence and Conflicts of Interest

    ... Greg Ballard, who ran as a candidate who would bring ethics to city government, is already embroiled in a controversial ethics issue. He has ... the Pacers. • Bar Grand's access to the firm's files on the Pacers. • Bar access by firm attorneys to any materials ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2008-02-04 11:06 - 0 comments

  6. Who Should Pay for Attorney's Fees in Ethics Proceedings?

    ... more about him than about saving taxpayers money. Local Government Payment of Attorney's Fees The City Ethics Model Code deals with ... word "reasonable" before "attorney's fees." If an official files countercomplaints and court suits, as the Stamford board of finance ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  7. Chinese Walls or Chinese Screens?

    ... or involvement in a matter) work in conflict situations in government? And what considerations determine whether they work or not? One ... a congressional representative does not need to look at FEC files to find out which firms have given him what amounts of contributions? All ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  8. Some Excellent Lobbying Reforms in NYC

    ... into the lobbying program by requiring, "before a lobbyist files a statement of registration [that] the lobbyist and its client shall ... If information is available through the city or state government, or in the news media, it should lead lobbying program staff to ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  9. Nepotism: Definition, Exceptions, Waiver

    ... of the community, and the harm to the public trust that government jobs are open to every qualified individual. Such an exception ... based even on public, reliable evidence. Until someone files a complaint, this matter will exist only online. Robert Wechsler ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments

  10. Winter Reading: Switch VII - Self-Evaluation and Identity

    ... of mountain-climbing expeditions. With respect to government ethics, however, it's not clear that getting more specific makes a ... It's valuable to ask oneself, "What does someone who files late 'feel'?" Since officials probably don't feel anything (except, ...

    Robert Wechsler - 2018-12-19 17:18 - 0 comments