making local government more ethical


The State Ethics Act established the Michigan State Board of Ethics in 1973.
Through this act the Board of Ethics is given jurisdiction to provide advisory opinions.

Contact Information:
Theodore J. Benca
Executive Secretary, Michigan State Board of Ethics
Michigan Department of Civil Service
P.O. Box 30002
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-3644

COGEL Members:

Glorietta Flakes
Michigan Department of State
Lansing, MI
Telephone: (517) 373-2540

Janet McClelland
Michigan State Board of Ethics
Lansing, MI
Telephone: (517) 272-9276

Largest Cities:

The city of Detroit also has a Board of Ethics, which investigates allegations of ethics violations.
Contact Information:
City of Detroit Board of Ethics
First National Building
660 Woodward Avenue - Suite 1537
Detroit, MI 48226
General Number: (313) 224-2376
General Fax: (313) 224-2371
General Email:

Largest County:

Wayne County
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Wayne County is Michigan's largest county, with an estimated population of 2,016,202.
The Office of the Inspector General has the responsibility of promoting ethics within the county.
Contact Information:
Office of the Wayne County Executive
600 Randolph, Ste. 349
Detroit, MI 48226

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