making local government more ethical


Synopsis of State Ethics Program:

The Office of the Attorney General of Virginia offers Conflict of Interest Training; their site provides a PowerPoint presentation containing the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act (the "Conflict Act") and the Ethics in Contracting portion of the Virginia Public Procurement Act (the "Procurement Act").

Office of the Attorney General
900 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 786-2071

Largest Cities:

Virginia Beach (439,467 - est. pop. 2003, U.S. Census Bureau)
The City of Virginia Beach has a comprehensive Code of Ethics to guide staff conduct in relations with citizens, vendors, customers and co-workers. The foreward of the Code is provided by the City Manager, who serves as the executive and administrative head of the City government.

James K. Spore, City Manager
2401 Courthouse Dr.
Municipal Center, Bldg. 1
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 427-4242

Norfolk (234,403 - pop. 2000, U.S. Census Bureau)

Chesapeake (207,199 - Statistical Profile 2003, City of Chesapeake Department of Planning)
The City's Human Resources Department provides an Employee Handbook that includes a Code of Ethics, Core Values, and sections on Employment of Relatives and Conflicts of Interest.

Largest Counties:

Fairfax County (1,000,405 - est. pop. 2003, U.S. Census Bureau)

Other counties of interest:

Arlington County (187,873 - est. pop. 2003, U.S. Census Bureau)
County Manager, Ron Carlee, provides a speech on ethics entitled "Ethics in Local Government: It's More than Not Doing Bad Things".

County Manager's Office
2100 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 228-3120

Fauquier County (61,137 - est. pop. 2003, U.S. Censusu Bureau)
The Board of Supervisors in Fauquier County adopted a Code of Ethics in January of 2004. The Board of Supervisors is elected by the people and serve as the governing body of the County.

Other sites of interest:

Virginia Coalition for Open Government
Forrest M. "Frosty" Landon, Executive Director (COGEL member)
Box 3094
Roanoke, Virginia 24015
(540) 353-8264

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