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The editorial today in the Jacksonville Times-Union is all about the recent legislation designed to improve the structure of the ethics and anti-corruption program for the city of Jacksonville.

Title: City ethics: The right direction
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Update: The bill (2010-616) was passed unanimously by the Finance Committee on Tuesday, leaving it on the consent agenda for next Tuesday's full City of Jacksonville Council meeting: 11/23/2010 @ 5pm

There was an excellent editorial published in the Jacksonville Times Union on Saturday, Nov. 13th which focused on the City of Jacksonville's current legislation 2010-616 being considered by...

City Ethics' Carla Miller attended an international conference on public administration to present a paper on public corruption entitled "Ethics, Elephants and Enigmas" Shown here with panelists that Ms. Miller moderated on day 1 - October 23. The panel was themed: "Management Issues" with panel members from Bucharest, Romania, Bejing (2) and Shenyang, China.


The Jacksonville City Council's Sub-Committee on the Charter Review Commission's (which only meets every 10 years) findings met yesterday 07-09-2010 to hear public testimony on any aspects of the CRC's findings. There were about 20 people who spoke, and all but one were there to encourage the committee to implement the Jacksonville Ethics Commissions recommendations regarding inclusion of the Ethics Commission in the city's charter.


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Today's NY Times has an interesting article on the "honest-services fraud" statute: (URL may require subscription)