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NYTimes Article

The New York Times

City Ethics was present at the Ethics and Leadership Camp sponsored by the Markkula Center for Ethics at Santa Clara University on June 27 and 28, 2006. Carla Miller presented to the group and covered Best Practices in Ethics across the United States. The Camp was covered by the New York Times and Carla was quoted as saying "Beyond morality, corruption is an economic issue", said Carla Miller, an ethics officer for Jacksonville, Fla., who, as a former federal prosecutor, helped convict the former mayor and president of the State Senate on corruption charges. "We have billions of dollars going down the tubes," said Ms. Miller, who started a Web site,, to track the movement.

"In the end, Ms. Miller said, the scariest campfire story is that of widespread public disillusionment. We should rename this 'Ethics Boot Camp,' she added. "It should be, 'Sergeant, wipe that smile off your face.' Because this is a war, and we're losing."

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