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Louisiana Board of Ethics

Hello all members,

Our Research Director, Robert Wechsler has been following this issue with interest, and would like to get some Ethics practitioners to weigh in on the issue.

Please read these two blog entries by Rob to get a feel for the situation, and if you feel strongly about it, add a comment to it (at the the end of the blog, click on "Comment") or - start your OWN blog - click on "My Blog" when logged into

The initial blog entry discussing the litigation currently going on in Louisiana.

Another take on the subject of recusal & conflicts of interest.

Note that since his initial blog entry, LA State Representative Arnold has responded several times - in Rob's words: "Rep. Arnold and I have had a good dialogue about issues involved in his suit. You can find our dialogue in the comments section to this blog entry."

Please feel free to forward this information out to whomever may be interested.

Don McClintock
co-founder, webmaster,
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