making local government more ethical

Editorial on ethics reforms in Jacksonville, FL

Update: The bill (2010-616) was passed unanimously by the Finance Committee on Tuesday, leaving it on the consent agenda for next Tuesday's full City of Jacksonville Council meeting: 11/23/2010 @ 5pm

There was an excellent editorial published in the Jacksonville Times Union on Saturday, Nov. 13th which focused on the City of Jacksonville's current legislation 2010-616 being considered by the City Council. It is designed to expand the powers of the city's Ethics Commission and to centralize the ethics office function for all of the authorities and the school board. You can read the full text of the editorial HERE.

Here's a teaser for you:

"Which way will they go?: Decisions await City Council members on whether to upgrade city ethics standards and create an independent ethics commission with teeth. They also face separate legislation that would ask the state Legislature to make sure that independent authorities, the School Board and constitutional officers will be covered by the main city government’s ethics guidelines. "