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Special Consideration

This is the place to discuss another basic statement of conflict of interest, relating to how officials act toward city residents. Other codes use the language of "misuse of office." Please state your preferences and your experiences with both approaches.

100(5). Special Consideration

An official or employee* may not grant or receive, directly or indirectly, any special consideration, treatment, or advantage beyond what is generally available to city residents.

Comment: See the exception in the second sentence of subsection 6 below, which also applies here.

Some cities use the language of misuse of office (or of the "prestige" of office) here. I think it is unnecessary, but here is the IMLA Model Code version:

No public servants shall use or attempt to use their official positions improperly to unreasonably request, grant, or obtain in any manner any unlawful or unwarranted privileges, advantages, benefits or exemptions for themselves, or others, and no public servants shall use, or attempt to use, their positions to avoid the consequences of illegal acts for any person; nothing in this provision shall be construed to prohibit or discourage any public servant from performing any official duty or action zealously and enthusiastically.

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