making local government more ethical


Many citizens and government officials see the need to strengthen ethics programs in their cities, towns, and counties. But how do you get started? Do you have to be a lawyer to understand and work through this process?

City Ethics has delivered many programs across the U.S. to help people change the ethical environment of their local governments. It is not just the drafting or improving of an ethics code that helps creates a better ethical environment. Workshops and seminars in the various areas of government ethics, as well as in ethical leadership, are also required.

Our experience can help your organization achieve a definite change for the better - a step toward an ethical culture that makes it difficult for people to be unethical - with tighter guidelines, greater understanding, and more oversight of high-risk areas.

We provide services in any of the following areas:

  • Keynote speeches on government ethics
  • Training for all levels of government officials and employees
  • Presentations & workshops tailored to your group
  • Development of a comprehensive ethics program for your state, city or county
  • Review and consultations to improve an existing ethics program
  • Drafting and improving of codes of ethics
  • Surveys on ethical issues
  • Guidance on using federal standards in ethics (Sarbanes Oxley and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines)

For more information, email or call Carla Miller at (904) 398-2900.