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Robert Wechsler
On Saturday, I attended a one-day conference on Institutional Corruption sponsored by the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University (videos of it will eventually appear here). Although local government was scarcely mentioned (there was one image of a painting that portrayed the 1930s machine in Kansas City, MO), many ideas that were discussed are applicable to local government ethics.


At the annual Council on Governmental Ethics conference in Washington D.C.

From left:

  • Kurt Nemes, World Bank Ethics Office
  • Carla Miller, City Ethics
  • Matt Cross, Office of Governmental Ethics

Each presented as a part of an ethics training seminar in Washington DC, Dec. 2010



City Ethics' Carla Miller attended an international conference on public administration to present a paper on public corruption entitled "Ethics, Elephants and Enigmas" Shown here with panelists that Ms. Miller moderated on day 1 - October 23. The panel was themed: "Management Issues" with panel members from Bucharest, Romania, Bejing (2) and Shenyang, China.

Robert Wechsler
The International City/County Management Association (the city, county, and town manager professional organization) is holding a 90-minute audioconference on local government ethics on January 29. I do not know the details of the program, and I am not endorsing it, but it sounds like a very inexpensive way for local government managers and employees to share a professional presentation on local government ethics...
  • What safeguards can be put in place to protect the innocent ??
  • Disgruntled employees making false ethical allegations as retaliation to employer...


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