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City of Jacksonville

by David Chapman
Staff Writer

As of Tuesday, discussions between the City Ethics Commission and Office of General Counsel were ongoing about how to handle the issue of 10 area lobbyists not in compliance with new code requirements regarding disclosure of clients.

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The Florida Times-Union
April 12, 2008
The Times-Union


The Jacksonville Daily Record today published a story covering the first ethics training since the new code revisions were ratified by Council on Tuesday last week.
"Miller instructed the Council staff not to get too bogged down in the technicalities of the law, but to adopt an overall ethical mind set to help guide their decision-making."

City staffers get ethics introduction


The entire City Council staff met Wednesday to hear an introduction to the City’s new ethics code. The group will meet again today to further discuss specific instances where the code could impact their work.

by David Ball
Staff Writer


In an article published in the Jacksonville Daily Record on Thursday, Carla Miller revealed her plans as the City's new Ethics Officer:
'In a very large city like Jacksonville you can't say that every single person who comes into government will be an ethical and honest person, so it comes down to the control systems. I teach with Michael Josephson in 'Character Counts' and he calls it 'The Law of Big Numbers'....