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Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission

One of the missions of The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission is to administer, interpret and enforce the Seattle Code of Ethics, Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 4.16 (SMC 4.16). The Code provides a standard of conduct for all City officers and employees, which includes all elected and appointed officials, all City employees, and members of boards and commissions, paid and unpaid. The Code does not apply to Public Development Corporations or ad hoc advisory committees.

The Commission conducts investigations into allegations such as use of facilities for private gain, use of position to acquire a personal benefit and conflicts of interest in performing official duties.

The Commission''s resources are used to interpret the Code and to explain the Code to those subject to it and to the public. To provide the interpretations and explanations, the Commission issues advisory opinions that respond to the specific question presented and provide guidance for future activity by the requester and others.

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