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Annual Reports and Review of Ethics Laws

This is the place to discuss the usefulness of annual reports, as well as whether an Ethics Commission should periodically review the code and its rules, regulations, and administrative procedures. Please share your experiences with annual reports and reviews.

212 Annual Reports; Review of Ethics Laws.

1. The Ethics Commission must prepare and submit an annual report to the legislative body, summarizing the activities, decisions, and advisory opinions of the Commission. The report may also recommend changes to the text or administration of this code. The report must be submitted no later than October 31 of each year, covering to the year ended August 31, and must be filed with the City Clerk and made available on the city website.

2. The Ethics Commission will periodically (no less than every five years) review this code, the enforcement of the code, and the Commission's rules, regulations, and administrative procedures to determine whether they promote integrity, public confidence, and participation in city government, and whether they set forth clear and enforceable, common-sense standards of conduct. After at least one public hearing, it may recommend to the legislative body amendments to this code.

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