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Letter to the Editor, Philadelphia Weekly April 13th 2005

I am an attorney, the ethics officer for the city of Jacksonville, Fla., officer of COGEL (Council on Governmental Ethics Laws) for the United States and founder of City Ethics. I'm also originally from Philly.

I'm aware of the struggles many cities across the United States are experiencing in establishing ethical governments. Recently I've had several people from Philadelphia contact me to talk about your government and potential ethics reforms that are being discussed.

I hear comments that ethics reforms won't pass; there is apathy and resignation as to what can be done. If true, that is disappointing to me on a personal level.

It's time for your community leaders to come together again in a visionary spirit that I believe is natural to Philadelphia. They need to make sure your government doesn't just match the struggles that other governments are experiencing, but leads the way. It can be done.

Carla Miller
Jacksonville, Fla.