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Cities & Counties Initiatives for COGEL

COGEL Task Force -- Local and Municipal Ethics Initiatives


CHAIR: Carla Miller, Ethics Officer, City of Jacksonville, Florida
VICE-CHAIR: John Steiner, Austin, TX Ethics Commission
Mark Davies, New York City Conflict of Interest Board
Helen Valkavich, City of San Antonio, TX
Robert Meyers, Miami/Dade Ethics Commission
Leeann Pelham, Los Angeles City Ethics Commission

Noah's Ark Project

It is our goal for the year 2003 to have a representative on this site from the 15 most populated cities in the United States. This representative will be able to be contacted through this site and will post information about their city''s program on this website. Each representative is encouraged to submit a "Best Practice" to this site to describe one of their most successful actions. If we already have a representative, that person''s name is listed next to the name of the city.

  1. New York City (Mark Davies, Conflict of Interest Board)
  2. Los Angeles, California (LeeAnn Pelham)
  3. Chicago (Dorothy Eng, Jennifer Vidas)
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. San Francisco, California (Mabel Ng)
  6. Philadelphia (Stanley C.P. Olkowski III)
  7. Boston (Carol Carson)
  8. Detroit (Deborah Gaskin)
  9. Dallas/Fort Worth (Michelle Callaway)
  10. Houston (Alex Chee)
  11. Atlanta (Ginny Looney)
  12. Miami (Robert Meyers)
  13. Seattle, Washingon (King County - Cathy Clemens)
  14. Phoenix, Arizona (Bob Wingenroth)
  15. Minneapolis, Minnesota (Peter Wagenius)


The NEXT 15 most populated cities in the United States.

  1. Cleveland/Akron, OH
  2. San Diego, CA
  3. St. Louis, MO/IL
  4. Denver/Boulder/Greeley, CO (L. Michael Henry)
  5. San Juan P.R.
  6. Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL
  7. Pittsburg, PA
  8. Portland/Salem, OR/WA (Michael Mills)
  9. Cincinnati/Hamilton, OH/KY/IN
  10. Sacramento/Yolo, CA
  11. Kansas City, MO/KS
  12. Milwaukee/Racine, WI
  13. Orlando, FL
  14. Indianapolis, IN
  15. San Antonio, TX (Helen Valkavich)

CURRENT STATUS 9 December, 2005

The 2005 Annual COGEL Conference in Boston is over, and was a huge success.


We will continue to encourage representatives from all of the different cities to join us in working on municipal ethics initiatives.
We will continue to build the website as a resource to share information. The next step would be for those cities to join COGEL, and the final step would be for them to get the funds to come to a national COGEL conference.

If you want to participate, please contact us to discuss...