making local government more ethical

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Robert Wechsler
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The Internet has been around for some time now, and yet local government officials still get away with saying things like, “If you have a better process or procedure [than having the city council enforce the ethics code], I would like to hear about it.”

According to an article yesterday on in Tulsa,...
Robert Wechsler
Former New York State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has been indicted by a federal grand jury, but his biggest crime was not taking millions of dollars in so-called consulting fees. His biggest crime was standing in the way of any meaningful ethics reform in New York State.
Robert Wechsler
See update below

Ethics is popular in Illinois right now, so popular that two mayoral candidates in the Village of Niles, a northwest suburb of Chicago (pop. 30,000), are putting it at the center of their campaigns. But it's not ethics as most of us like to think of it.