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Robert Wechsler

One of the most serious obstacles to ethics training is cynicism. For example, a councilman in South Lake Tahoe, California said, according to a recent article in the Tahoe Daily Tribune, that the California requirement of ethics training for all municipal officials is an indication of a breakdown in trust in local government and "It's not going to change behavior. [It] creates a job for someone."


Robert Wechsler

How can an ethics commission be truly independent?

In the model code I wrote as the beginning of what I hope will be a long public conversation about all aspects of municipal ethics, I suggest that a municipality's legislative body appoint members from a list given to them by the local League of Women Voters.

I did not mean to prefer this particular organization, but to get people thinking (and talking) about the possibility of having an independent,...

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While the state of Idaho does not have a state ethics commission, the Attorney General''s Office provides external oversight on ethical issues, in addition to Idaho''s ethics law. The Attorney General has drafted a manual entitled 'Idaho Ethics in Government Manual,'' which includes the Ethics in Government Act.

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Robert Wechsler

On November 15, 2006, David Damron of the Orlando Sentinel reported on Lawson Lamar, the local state attorney's call for "sweeping new ethics laws he said would limit the influence of developers and other special interests on city and county governments. In a Nov. 2 letter to city and county leaders in Orange and Osceola [counties], Lamar urged them to pass new laws that would dramatically limit campaign...

September 27, 2006
Broken Bench

How a Reviled Court System Has Outlasted Critics

'A farce in these days,' Gov. Alfred E. Smith pronounced New York State''s town and village courts in 1926.

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