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Robert Wechsler

Contracting is one of the municipal ethics issues that is most often overlooked as an ethics issue. One reason is that the laws governing competitive bidding are often at the state level. Another is that municipal competitive bidding laws often appear outside codes of ethics (often because they are state mandated). But municipal contracting should be at the center of ethics concerns, because it is a relatively secret area where a great deal of wrongdoing and harm can occur.


Robert Wechsler

As canaries were to mines, apologies are to a municipality's ethical environment. If you don't see a good number of sincere apologies, then ethics and accountability are probably dead in your town. In addition, insincere apologies are a sure sign that the town's political leaders are manipulative and trying to get something for nothing.

from the June 26, 2006 edition -
At a seminar in California, municipal leaders learn how to stay on the straight and narrow in times of temptation.

The Rocky Mountains west of Denver help people navigate the city by serving as a directional reference.

Brief History of Denver in Politics

Denver entered the political arena fairly quickly to its founding in 1858, and incorporation in 1861. The city was named the state capital of Colorado upon its entering the Union in 1876, as state leaders saw Denver, which was the territorial capital of the 15 year lived Colorado Territory, as an economicly booming city that would no doubt come to be one of America's pilars. They're prediction turned out to be correct. The city boomed in the "old west" fashion, and became the economic capitol of the west through much of the 19th century.

Honolulu Government

Originally governed by a Board of Supervisors, the City & County of Honolulu is administered under a mayor-council system of governance overseeing all municipal services: civil defense, emergency medical, fire, parks and recreation, police, sanitation, streets, water, among others. One of the largest municipal governments in the United States, the City & County of Honolulu has an annual operating budget of $1 Billion.

Oakland - California

Public Ethics Commission

The City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission was established in November, 1996.