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Los Angeles City Ethics Commission

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission is a semi-independent agency authorized and funded by Los Angeles voters to administer and enforce a governmental ethics ordinance for the City of Los Angeles.
The CEC is also responsible for administering and enforcing the City's lobbying and campaign
finance laws.

How to Contact:

Physical Address:

200 N. Spring Street, Suite 2410

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip/Postcode: 90012

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Visitor (not verified) says:

Is there any recourse for citizens if a city legislator circumvents due process and process detailed in the LA city charter?

Robert Wechsler says:

It is very important for government officials to follow formal processes, including those set forth in a city charter. However, charters often do not provide any oversight process related to charter violations. One can bring a complaint to the local legislative body or, if the city has a council-manager form of government, to the city manager. But it will likely be ignored unless there are council members who are interested in the problem or organizations (and the press) that are up in arms about it.

Although the failure to follow formal processes is sometimes for the purpose of benefiting officials or those with whom they have special relationships (that is, a government ethics violation), the failure, as opposed to the benefiting, is usually not something an ethics commissioin will consider. It has no authority to do anything about it, but it can, under certain circumstances, and especially when the problem is not an isolated one, but has become common, hold a hearing to discuss the matter and get input from the public.

Dianna (not verified) says:

Is the ethics committee only about breaking campaign laws, or do they cover when an employee is breaking other laws? Such as fraud and theft involving a trust? Thank you

Robert Wechsler says:

Government ethics is only about conflicts of interest, gifts, lobbying, campaign finance, and freedom of information. Fraud and theft are handled by the criminal justice system.

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