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Ethics training research example: Sioux Falls, SD

I am conducting a national research study on government ethics programs with a focus on training. This research is being done in connection with the Ethics Center of the University of North Florida. Cities across the U.S. are being studied as to their ethics program structure, training requirements and training methods.
In reviewing programs, one city deserves to be mentioned—Sioux Falls, South Dakota, nicknamed “the best little city in America”. The population is 154,997 and is ranked #150 in U.S. cities by population. In 1979 the State Ethics Commission in South Dakota was eliminated. In 1995, citizens in Sioux Falls passed an ethics Charter amendment which required an Ethics Board. This led to the creation of an Ethics Board and Conflict of Interest regulations that are straightforward and lend themselves to being easily understood by the average city employee. This city provides a good model for an ethics program for a small municipality.

For more information, see the Ordinances of Sioux Falls, SD

Visitor (not verified) says:

Dear Prof. Miller,
This PanNa, from Renmin univ. of China.
When I did my presentation on 2010ICPA, you were the panel moderator.
Thanks for your encouragement.

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