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Yesterday in a dramatic speech to the City's Council, Mayor Peyton announced a series of sweeping ethics reforms, foremost of which was his appointment of Carla Miller as the City's Ethics Officer - in his words:

"The establishment of a high-level, in-house ethics officer for the city of Jacksonville. I have asked Carla Miller to take on this important responsibility. She is a former federal prosecutor, former chair of the Jacksonville Ethics Commission and



An article in the Washington Post by Dana Milbank gives a fitting close to the beleaguered ex-Attorney General's tenure:
"A White House spokesman said yesterday that President Bush...


This article is sourced from:

A growing, statewide coalition of organizations has contributed to the development of this initiative and is supporting the following reform package in the 2007 session of the Legislature:


From: Ghana News Online

Professor Henrietta Mensah-Bonsu of the University of Ghana says corruption can only be eliminated if people face up to it and strip it of "the dignity conferred on it with fond names" for the society to see it for what it is.

She expressed regret that people approve of petty official corruption and have even coined fond names for such acts.

Prof. Mensah-Bonsu was...


An excellent idea for a grass-roots campaign to get some control of corrupt government employees in India.

Gandhi smiles on anti-bribe scheme

Ashling O'Connor, Mumbai
The Times
10 April 2007

IN the secret language of corruption in India, an official expecting a bribe will ask for Mahatma Gandhi to "smile" at him.


This is an excellent article by Tom Freidman which really highlights something that I consider to be very important in the development of any sort of effective ethics program - namely SIMPLICITY. Often it is the really simple things combined with a bright idea that bring the greatest change for the better... Tell me what you think - read it here: