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  1. The bill creating the Inspector General Office Jax 2014-519
  2. The bill putting it on the ballot to extend the jurisdiction of the IG office to all independent authorities (Electric, Port, Transportation, Airport, and all elected constitutional officers.)  The referendum passed in March 2015. Jax 2014-747
  3. The actual ballot form voted on for Bill 2014-747 is attached as PDF to this page - see link below to download.



What’s missing from new Jacksonville ethics office? Money

No budget or staff yet, despite being adopted by City Council last summer.

Posted: January 17, 2012

Seven months after it was signed into law, Jacksonville’s Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight still has no budget. Its one employee, a director appointed last month, works part-time but hasn’t drawn a city paycheck since leaving an earlier job in October. She’s

This Editorial ran in June after the passing of a comprehensive package of ethics reform bills in the Jacksonville City Coucil.

Ethics: This progress was historic

Posted:June 19, 2011

Jacksonville residents have this self-image that we have a progressive government. But consolidation was more than 40 years ago.

In creating a strong culture of ethics in city government, Jacksonville has been left behind - until now.


The editorial today in the Jacksonville Times-Union is all about the recent legislation designed to improve the structure of the ethics and anti-corruption program for the city of Jacksonville.

Title: City ethics: The right direction
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The Jacksonville City Council's Sub-Committee on the Charter Review Commission's (which only meets every 10 years) findings met yesterday 07-09-2010 to hear public testimony on any aspects of the CRC's findings. There were about 20 people who spoke, and all but one were there to encourage the committee to implement the Jacksonville Ethics Commissions recommendations regarding inclusion of the Ethics Commission in the city's charter.

February 3, 2009
This cover story is reproduced with permission from Folioweekly magazine

CARLA MILLER was appointed to reform Jacksonville’s ethics. The fact that she’s being squeezed out suggests she may be doing her job too well.