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This was a project that was helped by Represent.US and supported by citizen groups from right to left.

I worked on the drafting of the referendum language.

Here is today's press release from Represent.US:

Front page of the full paper - image provides link to the SSRN Document

Community Development Authorities

Community Development Authorities (CDAs) are quasi-governmental entities established by a local government at the request of private landowners to construct, maintain, and operate multiple types of public infrastructure within a specified district. Such infrastructure may include roads, water and sewer systems, schools, stadiums, and other public buildings.   An authority finances its projects through the issuance of tax-exempt municipal...


Posted on January 24th, 2014 on the Harvard Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics Blog:


City Ethics president, Carla Miller, worked with Integrity Florida (Dan Krassner) and the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans (Richard Polangin) on a Resolution that passed at the annual conference of the Alliance last week. This is part of an emerging citizen initiative in Florida that involves numerous groups joining forces to fight for the passage of...


I am conducting a national research study on government ethics programs with a focus on training. This research is being done in connection with the Ethics Center of the University of North Florida. Cities across the U.S. are being studied as to their ethics program structure, training requirements and training methods.


Cities across the United States are creating and expanding Ethics Commissions, Ethics Offices and Inspector Generals in order to fight corruption and establish higher ethical standards for their governments.

I will be posting some of the best ideas from these programs on this site.

If you have comments on what is written, good, bad or just a stray idea, please comment!

Carla Miller, president, City Ethics.