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Sites Focusing on Ethics in Public Service and Character Education

  • Council on Governmental Ethics Laws
    A professional organization for government agencies, organizations, and individuals with responsibilities or interests in governmental ethics, elections, campaign finance, lobby laws and freedom of information.
  • The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
    A forum for research and discussion in all areas of applied ethics.
  • U.S. Office of Government Ethics
    The Office of Government Ethics exercises leadership in the executive branch to prevent conflicts of interest on the part of Government employees, and to resolve those conflicts of interest that do occur. In partnership with executive branch agencies and departments, OGE fosters high ethical standards for employees and strengthens the public's confidence that the Government's business is conducted with impartiality and integrity.
  • Center for Public Integrity
    The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern. The Center is non-partisan and non-advocacy. We are committed to transparent and comprehensive reporting both in the United States and around the world.
  • Ethics Resource Center
    The Ethics Resource Center is devoted to independent research and the advancement of high ethical standards and practices in public and private institutions. For 85 years, the ERC has been a resource for institutions committed to strong ethics cultures.

Ethics Centers and Institutes

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